Chapter 7: using traffic hurricane


Traffic Hurricane (TH) is a little bit interesting in the way it’s marketed. It is only sold through its JV Partners links. If you go to, you will see this:

However, you can solve that little problem by going directly to one of the free download pages of one of the Traffic Hurricane Site Resellers Just Click Here.

With this free version you can build tens of thousands of web pages very quickly. The downside is that with the free version you will be showing ads on your pages that belong to the reseller of the copy of Traffic Hurricane you downloaded.

The upside is you can try this new version of TH and if you like it you can upgrade and remove these ads or make them your own.

For the cost I can not recommend this product highly enough! It is worth its weight in gold!

TH is much-loved by many site owners, who describe it as “the perfect spider food.” They also love that it works very well for Google AdSense. TH has much in common with TE. They’re both not just doorway page creators. This is good, because doorway pages get banned from the search engines and Google, in particular, is very averse to them. TH users like the unique content and linking structure of TH, and they most especially love that the search engines love it.

TH creates literally thousands of laser targeted pages so fast you won’t believe it. It combines that ability with a user-friendly interface that takes minimal effort on your part. Basically, it does what developers used to have to do by hand — TH automates it.

As a result, users can create pages much faster and thus receive many thousand more targeted hits every day. They claim they use “Top Quality Content” on all the pages it creates—whatever that means. It probably means they’re trying to address TE’s shortcomings of crummy content.

Their marketing literature says, “Our system is not just creating a bunch of keyword rich pages that are going to automatically forward the traffic that arrives at them to your main web or affiliate link. They will actually provide good quality content that will not be banned by search engines.”

TH includes the ability to add RSS feeds for dynamic up to date content. What are RSS feeds? They are content taken from other information service web pages and inserted into your web pages automatically.

Search engines love this type of content because every time a search engine spider visits your site, there’s always some new content. Traffic Hurricane Pages are also fully customizable. Like I mentioned in the last chapter, one of the big reasons most of the pages that TE creates get banned in a hurry by the major search engines is that they all look and act the same.

Traffic hurricane pages are fully customizable as far as the amount and type of content placed on them. Thus, there’s a better chance that TH pages will be unique. There are 14 templates to choose from and you can pick from a huge range of colors and add up to 3 images on each of the pages that will be created to ensure that your pages will be unique. If you have a special logo that you’ve designed, this would be the place to use it.

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