Using traffic equalizer


You should always put Traffic Equalizer pages on a separate domain, on a separate IP, even on a separate server. Keep it as far away from your website as possible.  More on why later.

Traffic Equalizer provides a template that’s…well, not great-looking.  And here’s the thing: many users are saying that when they use that original template, unmodified, their pages and in some cases their entire website are getting dropped from Google's index.  The work-around here is for you to create a new template, with your own graphics.  Change the colors and add some of your own new text.  You want to change this from being easily recognizable to Google.

Traffic Equalizer runs a support forum...for product owners.  So if you get TE, be sure you take full advantage of it to get tips and such.  Mind you, in those forums you’ll see posts from users who’ve gotten banned from search engines.  What you want to do is look for people who are getting tons of traffic from Traffic Equalizer and find out their secrets.

There are also some helpful sites, such as which offer different templates for TE. 

Here’s a sample of what they offer:

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