Chapter 6:  using traffic equalizer


Traffic Equalizer (

is a hot tool that many site developers use to massively increase traffic to their site and thus put them on a level playing field with the big boys. TR boasts that they drive highly targeted buyers to your site. 

In a nutshell, you import a list of keywords, you fill in a few form fields, and the program automatically creates optimized pages.  They claim it’s very search-engine friendly.  It is a program that quickly generates hundreds or thousands of pages that are specially designed to rank well on search engines for huge lists of keyword phrases. You've probably seen these types of pages before. They feature an ad on top and then there are listings that look like a directory or a search engine.

All you have to do is make a list of keywords, type them into Traffic Equalizer and the software crawls search engine data to bring back the top results for that keyword.  Then it lists those sites and inserts your site at the top...and voila! It creates pages that are supposedly designed to rank well for search engines.

The thing is, some of the pages it produces can look a bit clunky, like this:

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