Chapter 12: using rss feeds for content


We live in the information age, and there’s just no getting around it.  Information and news happens every single day, and savvy site surfers will expect you to update your content regularly.  In fact, they’d prefer you to do that daily, or even hourly. And yes — I mean 24/7 hours.

But you gotta sleep, right?  And have some time off occasionally.  So instead of spending every waking hour relentlessly surfing around from site to site looking for content, wouldn’t you prefer it to be streamed in to your site? Well now you can, thanks to a very clever service, RSS.

RSS works so well that a lot of site owners swear it stands for 'Really Simple Syndication'.  Why is it simple?  Because you just select the content you like and have it delivered directly to your site.

If you’re a busy person — and who isn’t, these days — RSS feeds can take the hassle out of staying up-to-date, by streaming in the very latest information that you are interested in.

So where do you get this good stuff?  Well, if it’s news you want, most of the major news sites provide it since it is growing rapidly in popularity.  A few news services that provide it are Guardian, New York Times and CNN.

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