Traffic turbocharger


Traffic TurboCharger (TTC) advertises itself as a “next generation SEO software” tool.  Their biggest claim is that they optimize RSS feeds.  The good things about having RSS feeds are:

  • RSS feeds provide dynamically changing content so that every time the spiders come crawling to you page, it has new content.  They really like that.
  • RSS feeds give you instant theme-related content.  Google, in particular, really loves this.
  • RSS feeds provide content that is readable by search engines because the content is part of your page, unlike javascript feeds which offer no advantage because the little spiderbots can’t read them.
  • Your pages get indexed faster, since your content changes daily, so you get more visits from the Googlebot.  That’s a very good thing.

One of the big advantages of RSS feeds is that you get content that looks like it’s yours.  You don’t have to create it or pay a writer to write it.  Best of all, you won’t get in trouble with the search engines.  Why not?  Because RSS feeds are completely legitimate from the point of view of search engines. 

They’re also useful to your visitors, who are looking for information related to the theme of your site.  And with RSS feeds, your site is constantly updated and fresh, because the feeds update as soon as new articles or content is added to the source you pull your content from.  With big sources, this can happen every single hour.

Better yet, RSS feeds are completely automated so you don’t have to do anything to keep your pages fresh and updated.


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