10.1 frontloading


Frontloading means that you start headlines, paragraphs and links with the most important words. The first words should communicate the subject of the headline, paragraph or link.  This is not like writing a novel or a story, where you have time to be coy and not get to the point for awhile.  Youíve got about a quarter of a second to grab that userís attention or he wonít read the rest of the sentence.  Make the most of that opportunity.

If you do this, and you frontload your writing, especially at the top of the page, userís eyes will easily catch the most important info, and theyíll keep reading. 

Here are some examples of good frontloading:

  • Foo Fighters release new cd
  • Barbeque beef ribs recipes everyone will like
  • Tom Cruise stars in a new movie

Here are some bad examples that are not frontloaded:

  • New cd is being released, itís by the Foo Fighters
  • Everyone will love these great new recipes for barbeque beef ribs
  • New movie is coming out and itíll star Tom Cruise

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