10.2 donít nest, just list


Remember back in school when the teacher asked you to make an outline and you went nuts making all sorts of nested sub-headings that looked like this?

  • The United States
    • Texas
      • Austin
        • South Austin
          • The 78704 zip code
            • My house

Donít do that.†

Why?† Because the last few items could be out of sight for many people when they skim-read. A straight margin is a whole lot easier to scan quickly on the Web.

Nested dot-points and numbers are often used in business and government policy documents and management plans, and youíre not making those, youíre just writing content.† Find another way to show the hierarchy of ideas. Web users do not like to try to read through a whole bunch of indentations, and you will lose some people before they even start reading.

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