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As the name implies, Directory Generator works on directories, also know as portals. The creator of DG noticed that many of these directories and portals have been quietly driving thousands upon thousands of visitors to their own sites on a daily basis year after year.

To appreciate how DG works, you have to know a bit about directories—there are two types.

    1. General Directory - A General Directory contains listings of just about anything on the planet. It is not targeted in any way, shape or form.
    2. Specific Niche Directory - These directories are vertical in nature and they focus on just one industry or topic. Everything on this type of site is about one topic, so it’s all very relevant.

DG focuses on the specific niche directory. However, it wasn’t easy. Creating a directory has always been a tough job: time consuming, complicated, and frustrating. The big online directories contain thousands of links and resources which can take a live person thousands of hours to create. If one person did it, it would take years. But DG’s found a way to automate the process.

Some of their features include:

  • Photo Shots of Websites - Each resource Directory Generator creates contains a Photo Shot of the Website itself. This gives users a preview of the website before you look at it.
  • RSS Equalizer Integration - This feeds real news content into your websites.
  • Integration - Amazon sells thousands of products and services and you can now integrate these products into your new Directory Generator sites with a simple copy and paste mechanism. If you can copy and paste you can instantly start making extra revenue from Amazon.
  • Google Adsense Integration – Since it’s what this book is about, it’s great that Directory Generator has an easy way for you to integrate Google's Adsense into your directory.
  • Google Websearch Integration - Google recently released an add-on for Adsense that is called Websearch. It allows you to put a Google search box on your site and get paid for any Adsense click it creates. Now this feature is in Directory Generator.
  • Built In Classified Ads - Making a directory is not enough. You need to be able to funnel the traffic to where you want. So the DG people created a way to for you to create Classified Ads in Directory Generator that let you promote and drive targeted traffic to any site you want, even if it is an affiliate program.
  • Step Creation Wizard – Makes it easy to create DG pages. 8 simple steps, it’s done. Seriously, you can probably complete the whole process in just a few minutes. Can be done by an 8-year-old.
  • Pre-Made Templates – OK, so not everyone’s a webmaster and you don’t have to be one to make money with Google AdSense and DG with this feature. There are pre-made templates for you to use. Just select one, fill some stuff in, you’re done.

DG also features PR Maximizer, which lets you search and find relevant and high quality sites for you to exchange links with. This software does all the work automatically for you, including telling you the site's PR, PageRank before you even contact them to talk about trading links.

PR Maximizer’s output looks like this:


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