Chapter 9: additional web page creation software


If you’re skittish of what TE and TH create and MetaWebs just isn’t in your budget, here are a few other options.  These tools don’t break the search engines’ SEO rules as long as you use them right. 

In a larger sense, this advice applies to most any content creation tool.  You can use those tools in an honest and ethical way—which is what we recommend—to create very interesting and compelling content, or you can use them in an unethical way to lure users to a site that turns out to be not what they thought it was.

Even though the latter approach will draw more traffic, we don’t recommend it.  And not just because it’s wrong, either.  Think about it: if you went to a site and it wasn’t what it had claimed to be, you’d suspect the site owner cheated the search engines.  And then you wouldn’t stick around long enough to click on any of the ads, would you?

Nope, neither would we.  It’s called “backlash.”

And now, on to the wonderful tools that represent some of our top picks for compelling keyword-rich content creation.

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